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Hiring an architect shouldn’t be a stressful endeavor.
I believe in listening and working with you to form a collaborative homeowner-architect team. 

GCE Architecture Universa Architecture

While working with an architect may seem like an extravagant expense, it is this “planning ahead” that save loads of heart-ache during construction, and sometimes even some dough. The planning ahead process happens in the first phases of a project: the measuring and exploring of any existing conditions; the development of a design or multiple designs schematically; then budget pricing and design development and finally the construction documents show and tell how to build it all. 

During construction decisions are made by you and the Contractor and it is helpful to have a brief review of the design intent with the architect to maintain the quality of the design in the execution. After all, you the homeowner, have put as much thought and effort into the design as I have. I am happy to meet during construction, in fact watching a building go up is what brings me great joy.  

Each home can be as unique as its inhabitants. Here at GCE Architecture I look at each home individually. My 20 years of experience in the design industry helps me see where issues are BEFORE they become problems for the homeowner.

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