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About GCE Architecture:

GCE Architecture is a Boston Metro-West architecture firm founded in 2016 by Gwen Erskine.

Currently GCE Architecture has a concentration on the small scale: residential, public and light commercial additions and renovations. Her focus on smaller projects allows Gwen to give a tailored approach to all client needs, whether it be building envelope repairs and renovations or a unique client driven design. 

Gwen is a Registered Architect in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with 20 years of experience. Her expertise ranges from large international high-rise buildings and corporate headquarters design to concise building envelope repairs and historic buildings.

GCE Architecture House Dormers

About Gwen C. Erskine

by me

I was a resident of Alaska when I moved east to attend Rhode Island School of Design where I received two degrees (Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Fine Art). 

After I received my degrees I was employed at Nilsson+Siden, a small firm in Salem, Ma where I honed my CAD (and driving) skills with over 100 ATM kiosk renovations through-out northern Massachusetts. (I also honed my map-book reading skills, little good that does me now.)

Soon I moved on to Jung Brannen (now known as TRO|Jung Brannen) in Boston. I worked as a Job Captain on a LEED accredited laboratory, various large corporate office buildings, corporate interior renovations, a couple of skyscraper designs, a corporate cafeteria, etc.., ad nauseum… until I had enough of The Commute. It was 1-2 hours each way due to a move to the ‘burbs with my now husband.

Gwen C. Erskine

Gorman Richardson Lewis Architects in Hopkinton, Ma was the same type of work but a much shorter commute -10 to 30 minutes each.  Large corporate office buildings, Building Envelope Science work, tenant improvement services for corporate facility managers, blah, blah, you can see all those fun corporate projects over here. During this time I became a Licensed Architect in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Good time to take a breath.

Ok, I think we’re good. Where were we?

Oh, right. Then I took a little time to have a few babies.

That was fun, what’s next?


Next I worked as a Project Manager at Janez Design. Though this term isn’t technically used in the field of architecture I considered Janez a “start-up” firm: where we (staff of 4) all managed our projects soup to nuts. Lots of on-the-job learning about project/business management, invoicing and all the fun back of house business stuff they didn’t teach at art school. My experience at Janez Design gave me the confidence and guts to establish GCE Architecture.

….and that brings us back up to NOW….

I currently live in the Holliston with my husband and two children. When I have extra time you can find me getting dirty in the garden, finding the messiest glitter-encrusted project with the children or covered head to toe with flour exploring the outer reaches of baking.

Do carrots really love tomatoes? Why me? What’s the easiest best smartest way to fit it all in? Design what you love. Love what you design. Unitaskers vs. multitaskers: don’t make your pasta in the water closet... Sometimes late at night I wonder what it would be like if… Do carrots really love tomatoes? Why me?

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